Gulfport Redlinerz MC

Motorcycle Club



The Gulfport Redlinerz Motorcycle Club is a branch of the Maryland Redlinerz Motorcycle Club.  The club fosters an environment of mutual respect, honor, stewardship and trust dedicated to positive community contributions.  We are a co-ed family located in the Gulfport, Biloxi MS area.  Our club features both sportbikes and cruisers of all makes and models (600+cc).



To develop a cohesive family of well trained and serious motorcycle riders who promote motorcycle safety, road safety, adherence to the laws of the road, and community contributions.



1. To train regularly and seriously on the proper handling and maintenance of the motorcycles that we ride.

2. To support the community in positive efforts to celebrate the children; comfort the elderly; protect the battered; and feed the needy.

3. To recruit family and community oriented members with a strong sense of responsibility to the organizational mission and to the group.


1. Prospects must successfully complete the four month initiation period

2. Members must own and operate a motorcycle with at least 600cc

3. Members must maintain current registration and insurance at all times

4. Members must attend at least 80% of club activities/events

5. Members must pay $20 monthly dues on time

6. Officer positions are two year appointed terms, except for the President's Position which is indefinite

7. Club colors must be worn according to regulations

8. Club uniforms must be purchased in full at time of inception 

9. Members must ride safely and promote safety at all times

10. Members do not drink and ride 



President - set club vision and mission to maintain safety, promote skill development, and to honor family values  

Vice President - manage club personnel to achieve goals and objectives 

Secretary - maintain calendar, provide minutes, maintains documents and files 

Business Manager - develop and manage budget with officer and member input 

Treasurer - collect, deposit, and provide fund's status reports 

Public Relations Officer - build external relationships

Seargent at Arms - maintain order, resolve conflict, keep meeting focused on agenda, track meeting time

Event Coordinator - develops fundraising/social/developmental event plan, delegates responsibilities, oversees committees and event execution 


1. Complete online application via website

2. Successfully complete interview rounds

3. Accept prospect status

4. Pay initiation fee which covers induction materials

5. Successfully complete four month initiation period

6. Purchase uniform in full

7. Comply with club bylaws at all times